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Value Chain Mgnt.
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VXTConsulting’s value chain management (VCM) and competitive strategy development processes work hand in hand to provide our clients with a comprehensive plan for developing and sustaining their competitive advantage.  All our Services and Solutions draw on the inventory of methods, tools and processes that we have developed on this platform.

The following nine tabs are a summary description of the key processes, activities, and tools that contribute to identifying customer value creation opportunities, and executing it in the most cost effective manner.  Please, read about the Client Benefits for information on how VCM improves a firm's top and bottom line performance as well as its customer loyalty achievement.

Ø      Strategy development

Ø      Competitive and market assessment

Ø      Trend analysis

Ø      Customer value analysis

Ø      Functional value analysis

Ø      Segmentation and scope

Ø      Channel development

Ø      Partner and alliance management

Ø      Value chain management process

Please note that the value chain management process manages and controls all the other activities, including strategy.  The strategy development process receives input from most of the other sub-processes and analyses, but also initiates many of the activities as it is, after all, the decision node of the value chain management process.  The order of these sections is somewhat reversed to facilitate the overall comprehension of the process description.  Lastly, it is to be understood that the “value chain” is summarily defined as the end to end product or service realization process that fits in with the end-customer’s solution.  This definition provides for a much more dynamic and complex view of the opportunities of the market than other competitive analysis theories, for which our processes provide answers and solutions.

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