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STRATEGY development

Value Chain-based Strategies distinguish knowledge assets from supply capabilities and are intended to facilitate and support deployment of value chain management processes.   Firms adopt this approach as their competitive strategy to acquire a competitive advantage in the marketplace and construct optimal end-to-end processes for delivery of maximum customer value at the lowest possible cost.

Implementing value chain management oftentimes requires that key strategic issues and objectives be revisited to establish a proper foundation of corporate values and customer focus.  VXTConsulting assists its clients in developing their strategy, mission and vision, while advising them on key issues, options, and implications regarding essential strategic elements affected by value chain management:

1.      Customer value management

2.      Core competencies defined

3.      Competitive strategy and scope

4.      Customer solution architecture

5.      Sourcing decision

6.      Strategic relationships

7.      Change management

8.      Intellectual property, proprietary information and disclosure policy 

We base our recommendations on strategic and competitive opportunities that we identify for our clients while exploring the entire supply-chain from their customers’ perspectives, applying a mix of analytical tools such as:

Ø      Michael Porter’s framework of value chain analysis

Ø      Customer and functional value analyses

Ø      Economic and strategic value assessments

Ø      Competitive and market assessments

Ø      Industry structure and trend analysis

Ø      Segmentation

The process and organizational work we perform, together with the proper corporate focus enables our clients to meet, or exceed, their strategic objectives:

1.      Customer loyalty through our clients’ focus on customer value.

2.      Increased sales through their productivity gains and broader market reach.

3.      Effective cost control, process optimization and optimal asset utilization.

4.      Increased control over their relationships and environmental factors.

5.      Leveraging of their end to end capability, achieving synergy and economies of scale .

In meeting these objectives, our clients meet their financial and corporate goals by sustaining growth in their return on investments (ROI) and achieving shareholder value appreciation. 

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