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At VXTConsulting we offer our clients effective tools, functional expertise, industry knowledge, and management leadership skills to craft their strategy and gain a competitive advantage within their respective markets.

Our expertise rests on experience, learning, researching and developing and is supported by our partnerships and strategic alliances to establish a unique advantage at developing our clients' competitive strategies.


Our background consists of working in different functions for a variety of companies in our target industries.  This has granted us with significant exposure to a rich gamut of tools and technologies addressing our clients' competitive situations and befitting diverse corporate environments distinguished by focus, size, nationality, and culture.  Our experience leads us to effectively frame the problems of our clients by being attentive to the beats of their markets and interpreting the competitive dynamics of their industry.


We continuously learn from monitoring the industry, tracking economic trends, and studying financial and managerial practices which prove effective for successful companies.  Our aim is to have access to pertinent knowledge resources pertaining to various management functions, uphold a high skill level, and maintain an acute sense of observation and power of deduction.  This enables us to recommend the most fitting competitive solutions and business models to our clients.  We also maintain relations with professionals, industry organizations, companies within our value chain, and academia to exchange information sources, which accrue our learning and knowledge base and improve the quality of our service for our clients.


Our research projects are about more than qualifying, quantifying and testing market hypotheses.  For example, we investigate the value chain for creative and effective competitive differentiators and identify new value attributes for our clients customer relationships.  We also study competitive business models for leadership and performance superiority and identify effective strategies for developing our clients value creating capabilities.  Our research is effectively guided by clear project objectives that are relevant to the business problems we address for our clients.


Once the research is completed and the data is analyzed, we work with our clients to develop a competitive strategy and establish the structures for them to manage their value chain.  We use all our tools, experience and our learning to implement effective processes and engage our clients in strategic relationship building, both of which release their value crating potential.


Our partner relationship model is key in building our expertise.  We continuously develop and seek out highly skilled industry professionals in competitive areas such as:

      Industry knowledge

      Technological expertise

      Business, sales, marketing and financial functions

      Management and operational processes

      Legal and regulatory issues

      Strategy and business models

      Learning and knowledge transfer processes

      International business, language and culture

      Negotiations and relationship management

      Leadership processes

Strategic Alliances

Our strategic alliances are a further tribute to our dedication for providing our clients with total competitive strategy solutions.  Through them, we incorporate into our competitive strategy solutions the skills, experience, processes and leadership in the areas of:

      Communication and technology support systems

      Broad-based research projects

      Global information monitoring and database management

      Collaborative management software

      E-Commerce applications

      Customer relationship management solutions (CRM)

      Sales force automation (SFO) and sales tools system design

      CRM, SFO, SCM, ERP and RPO system integration (into VCM system)

      Global training requirements (exceeding our local training capabilities)

      Special projects requiring focused skills or global delivery capabilities

      Finance, Investment Banking, and Venture Capital

Unique Advantage

Peter Drucker concluded in one of his publications on competitive performance that, when companies continuously underperform despite their best efforts at fixing their problems, the problem most likely resides in the business model itself.

Having carefully observed the fall-out of the market bubble, which left the telecommunications sector in a state of destitution, we concur with his opinion. 

In fact, in the aftermath of the dot.com era, we saw that companies with business models effecting radical change, and significantly affecting their environment in the process, were most resilient in stressful economic times.  On the other hand, we noticed that companies with flawed business models were ill-prepared to deal with the changing environment and succumbed to competitive pressures.

Our mission is to pour our knowledge and expertise into challenging the status quo and afford our clients with the ability to change, build up their necessary resilience, manage their environment, and sustain their competitive advantage.  Our unique advantage rests on our ability to address all the areas of our clients' business models, and to develop and implement comprehensive competitive solutions based on their unique needs.

We designed our philosophy and value chain management approach to do just that.  We developed our business model to do it cost effectively for our clients.  Our tools and expertise provide you with the advantage to depend on us for comprehensive solutions to:

      Control your changing environment.

      Focus on your customers.

      Manage your value chain.

      Develop your sustainable competitive advantage.

      Create and capture more value.

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