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Value Chain Mgnt.
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Value chain management affects all the operational, logistical and relationship management aspects of a firm and provides for a diverse combinations of choice in courses of action.  With an effective competitive strategy in place, the alternatives amongst the many options afforded by the value chain are effectively narrowed to the selection of the most cost effective solutions.  These are the solutions that we recommend, and that provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Objectives for the competitive strategy and value chain management coincide in our view with the corporate strategic objectives.  And though we believe that our recommendations and solutions also significantly contribute to our clients' objectives of corporate social responsibility and providing outstanding work environments for their employees, we will focus on measurable results addressing the firm's top and bottom line results and overall competitive success.

We identified a number of metrics capturing five of the more common strategic objectives of a firm.  For each objective, we suggest one or more measurements, explain their significance in terms of strategic competitive objectives,  list the varying ways how the results of these measures can be improved upon, and provide several solutions to illustrate how value chain management positively influences these results.

     Sustained growth in return on assets

     Increased Sales Productivity

     Broader Market Reach

     Improved Partner Relationships

     Exceptional Customer Loyalty

Please, note that the value chain management has the inherent properties of the total quality management characteristics.  Quality and total quality management are assumed built-in functions of the value activities.  These properties transcend across the value chain, providing further reaching implications for the firm and its environment, and define quality as a significant element of the value management objectives (only partially touched upon in our few examples.)

Also note that these benefits apply to all our Services and Solutions, which are based on value chain management methodologies, in varying degrees depending on their objectives and scope.

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